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Detaching from Drama

Some powerful astrological alignments have stirred up issues for people this week. Remember they are only coming to the surface to be cleared. Here are some strategies I use to maintain my equilibrium at challenging times:

When we are stressed our breathing becomes faster and shallower. This is all part of the body’s automatic fight or flight response. Most modern conflicts are not physical, they are verbal, and so you will neither be physically fighting someone nor running away. If you are stuck in fight or fight mode you cannot think rationally. Rarely are our dramas life or death situations, therefore we need to calm down in order to respond wisely. Breathing slowly and deeply is one of the quickest ways to calm yourself as your breathing directly affects your brainwaves. Take a few minutes out just to focus on your breath and you will feel calmer.

Don’t deny your emotions
If you are angry be angry, if you are sad then cry. Emotions do not harm us if we acknowledge them, allow them to be felt and to flow through us. When we repress them, attach to them, or fling them at other people then they can be damaging! 

Take some exercise
Going for a walk or doing some other exercise can take the edge off strong emotions and the physical activity will help you use up any adrenaline that was released if you found yourself in fight or flight mode. 

Remember that this too will pass
No drama lasts forever, therefore you can get through this. Look back over your life and you will probably see there were some times in which it felt your life was falling apart and yet you came through. 

Talk to a true friend
We all need a trusted friend or two who can put things in their proper perspective and keep your discussion confidential. Choose carefully, you do not need a friend who will jump into the drama with you and amplify it, nor one who will gossip! My wise friends invariably calm me and help me find the humour in any situation, which always releases stress. Of course I play a similar role for some of my friends and they feel much better after talking to me too!

Take time out
To get a proper perspective it is often necessary to put an emotionally charged situation aside for a while and do something else. You might immerse yourself in another project or activity for an hour or two, or go out and do something fun. When you come back to the issue you can look at it with fresh eyes. In an argument where someone is pressuring you to respond it is okay to say, “I need some time to think about this, I’ll get back to you.”

Sleep on it
Things often feel different in the morning. Rather than making impulsive knee-jerk responses sleep on the issue. In the morning you will probably be able to see the way forward and you may also receive guidance through your dreams.

Set your intention for the Highest Good
In a conflict situation everyone tends to take sides or have agendas, this of course is how wars start! If you set your intention to the Highest Good you will probably be guided to act in a way that is truly beneficial.

Remember who you really are
You are an eternal being with no beginning and no ending. As such you are not defined by the roles you play in this lifetime. When you connect to your eternal essence you’ll find you can rise above the drama. Detaching in this way does not mean you don’t care, it means you are not sucked into the maelstrom of events and allows you to see the greater picture.

Drop into inner peace
Although there may be all kinds of surface drama you can still access a well of inner peace. Meditation is a wonderful aid to finding that still space within. Just sitting quietly and breathing will help you drop out of the drama. When you come back to the situation you may feel inspired to act in a wiser way.

Here is a message I channelled for my book, Light behind the Angels:

Let us lift the last veils of deception from you. 
In the One moment all that has occurred is but a dream and you are the dreamer.

Wave after endless wave. Your troubles are all on the surface. 
On the waves you will ever be tossed and in turmoil. 
The surface only is disturbed, the deeps are still and quiet. 
Dive beneath the surface of yourself now and connect with the changeless depths of you. 
There you will find the treasure, the pearls, not tossed around on the wave tops. 
The pearl is hidden deep within and to reach it you must dive into your innermost being 
And not be distracted by the surface drama.

Divine Guidance for those Awakening Now

This is a channelled message for those who are undergoing a spiritual awakening. I hope you find it helps:

Be at peace and know that I AM. I AM within you as I AM within ALL. My energy flows through every insect, every organism, every Being in the World and ALL is WELL. 

Through your narrow perspective you perceive strife, business as usual on Planet Earth, yet underneath it all lies perfection and an unfolding of my energy. Nothing is ever truly destroyed, only transmuted into other forms. The energy is still there enduring. 

When people do what you see as wrong they are following their ego mind. It is part of the learning process like falling down countless times as you learn to walk. Some humans take longer than others to let go of their ego mind and trust their inner spirit, the Divine force of Light within them as within everyone. Can you see how the process unfolds over many lifetimes? You must make errors to find the way.

The perfect template is always there if you go within, but first you try to focus outwards and change the world without changing yourselves. This is futile and doomed to failure in the long term.

Think of a baker baking bread. First he must prove the dough. Only when it is risen can he bake it. Changing the outer before working on the inner is like trying to bake unproven dough. The results are unsatisfactory and fall flat. It is too dense; the creations lack space and Light in their matrix. 

Read the rest of the guidance here

Your Higher Self

Here's a taster of my latest article on Bellaonline:
Your Higher Self
Everyone has a Higher Self, but few are aware of it and fewer still pause and listen to its wisdom. Here is guidance that will never desert us or judge us, that will always support us no matter what.

Your Higher Self is an aspect of you that stands apart from the incarnated ‘busy’ you. It doesn’t get involved in the dramas of Earthly life, rather it is the larger Self, the real essence of You that remains constant. It is the part of you that is always connected to the Divine, even if you are a non-believer and a rationalist. It has been given many names including the Witness and the Wisdom Self.

So if we have a constant connection to the Divine through our Higher Self why aren’t we all behaving like angels? Why isn’t this our Heaven on Earth?

Your Higher Self allows your Ego self complete free will. Even those who commit the most heinous crimes on this planet have got a Higher Self, they just don’t listen to its promptings. Your Witness Consciousness doesn't get upset and dictatorial with you however widely you stray from the Light. 

I believe that when the masses wake up to the Divine aspect of themselves the whole of Humanity will be transformed. Perhaps this is one of the changes heralded by the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and by the start of the New Age. The Divine aspect of ourselves is a true part of us, the truest part of us. We do not need a middle man to connect with it, nor do we need to look for an answer outside of ourselves. 
Read the rest of this article here

Teaching in Glastonbury

I start teaching my Crystal Healing in Glastonbury tomorrow, running an Introductory Day at Growing Needs Bookshop. I've been guided to teach there for a while (merely six years or so I think) and stayed teaching in my comfort zone in Llandrindod Wells! It is lucky I have very patient Guides!

I think we all need a little push to stretch ourselves beyond self imposed limitations now and again. Glastonbury has always felt like a homecoming to me, so I'm excited to start working there and not too nervous, but I've been pretty careful packing my kit ready...I can't just nip upstairs for something I've forgotten!!

Crystal Mandalas

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the first of my Crystal Masterclasses. Our focus was on crystal mandalas and medicine wheels. This course is for those who have already completed their two year crystal healing diploma and want to explore more ideas for using their crystals for their own self development and for healing others. We made a very satifying group mandala and a medicine wheel out in the hills.
Here is a mandala I made for myself last week to help me adjust to my daughter leaving home for university.
Crystal mandala - fresh growth
It was therapeutic to create and when we each analysed our mandalas in the group it got some very positive feedback:
peace, serenity, balance, intuition
like a flower or eye opening
love, compassion, growth, grounding, Mother Earth energy, brightness, shining light coming from within, nurturing
unlimited boundaries, expansion, grounding, solid foundation on which to build, core of light
growth, clarity, stability, enlightenment and richness in life
What was interesting is that we didn't compare feedback comments until the end of the exercise, writing our comments and moving on to the next mandala and yet the themes were quite clearly emerging for each one.
My daughter is having a fab time away, much better than she expected!