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crystal healing diploma

Beacons of Light

I had a lovely day yesterday at the Beacons of Light Fair in Brecon. It was the first MBS fair I'd taken my stall to for a few years as I got a little jaded with them (well I do sell crystals!) Yesterday's was refreshing. Friendly stallholders and a harmonious atmosphere. 

It was delightful to see so many of my students old and new who made the effort to come along & see me & lovely to see some that I haven't taught for years. At one stage a lady at my stall said, "Is there anyone here you don't know Lauren?" It felt like that at some points in the day! 

Many people whom I hadn't met before stopped by the stall and chatted crystals. I know a few of these new faces are coming to study with me and I'm really looking forward to working with them.

It just shows what a rest can do. When you get tired of something and it becomes 'same old, same old' put it down for a while if you can. Once you've had a break you'll either come back with renewed enthusiasm, or decide it isn't for you any more and that's fine too.

Back in Glastonbury

It was super to be teaching back in Glastonbury this weekend. I met some lovely new prospective students, both for my next Glastonbury group starting at the end of April and for my classes back in Mid Wales! There were some profound shifts of energy, even though these were only taster sessions. 

It was a delight to see some familiar faces too, thank you for making the special effort to come and see know who you are ;)

After class on Saturday I went for a wander around Wells, which is only a short trip from Glastonbury. The cathedral frontage is awe inspiring and the Bishop's Palace looks amazing from the moat and the outer walls. I was too late to look inside, but must visit another time! 

Special Crystal Therapy Taster Sessions in Glastonbury

Come and meet me in Glastonbury, get a taste of my teaching style or chat to me about crystal therapy!

Saturday 24th March
10am -1pm Taster Session for the TSCT Crystal Therapy Diploma
£10 per person

2pm - 4pm Drop in Session
Come and ask questions about the course, chat to me about your crystals or training as a healer.

Sunday 25th March
10am-1pm Taster Session for the TSCT Crystal Therapy Diploma
£10 per person

Prior booking not necessary for any of these sessions!

Venue for all three sessions is the Miracles Room in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard which can be found on Glastonbury High Street. 
BA6 9DU if you use a Satnav.

Ten Great Reasons to Do a Crystal Therapy Course

As I prepare for my next intake of Crystal therapy students in Glastonbury I thought it would be fun to list some of the benefits of taking a course like mine! I still have a couple of places at time of writing.

10 Great Reasons to take a Crystal Therapy Course:

1. Learn lots of different ways to use crystals for healing and well-being.
2. Embark on your own spiritual development journey.
3. Work with the most beautiful and varied healing tools on the planet!
4. Learn healing techniques you can use on yourself for your own benefit.
5. Meet like minded people and make new friends.
6. Build a gorgeous collection of Earth's treasures.
7. Develop your sensitivity to and awareness of subtle energies.
8. Connect with the crystals as your allies.
9. Stimulate your mind with new learning.
10. Develop your intuition; your 'on-board inner compass' through life.

And of course...

You can earn a recognised qualification and set up your own therapy business!

Clearing up our Relationship Energies

My teaching on the Crystal healing Diploma course this weekend is all about relationships. They are just the biggest learning experience available for us on Planet Earth. Today we are going to be clearing unhealthy cords, which is one of my favourite transformational techniques. 

This one alone can make all the difference to a relationship that is stuck in destructive or stagnant patterns. Once the rigid, restrictive, or draining cords are gone the individuals can either go forward together with fresh energy and form new healthy connections, or if the relationship is really at an end they can part company with less baggage and old attachments to take into their future relationships.

Cord cutting is described several times in Light behind the Angels as I needed to release cords from my parents. These were some of the most dramatic and life changing healings I've ever had in my life. With my mother I even found past life cords that linked me to my execution in Egypt- that's not something you want to hold onto in your energy field!