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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

July 2012

Using the Colour Red in Healing

My latest article for Bellaonline is about using the colour red in healing. Some spiritual types turn their noses up at red, yet the Ruby Ray carries the energy of the Christ...that's pretty spiritual!

Here's the article, color is spelt that way deliberately as Bellaonline is an American owned site:

Red is the warmest color in the spectrum. It is of immense use when we need energy and vitality, passion and the drive to make things happen.

Red corresponds to the base chakra, which is the chakra that keeps us firmly rooted onto Planet Earth. It is a very physical color. If you’ve been too focused on ethereal matters a healthy dose of red will remind you that you have a physical presence on the Earth. It can bring your attention back to the here and now.

Some spiritual people shun red as a ‘lower energy’, yet the Ruby Ray is associated with the Christ energy. Red is the color of making intentions manifest down here on Earth; it is a powerful force. Few would deny the passion Jesus brought to his work on the Earth plane, or claim he wasn’t spiritual enough!

Red is linked strongly with romance. Witness how much red merchandise appears around Valentine’s Day! Red roses are symbolic of love. We do however have some cultural double standards around sexuality which can be seen in our use of the color red in our language. Being described as a ‘red blooded man’ denotes virility and prowess, whereas to be labelled a ‘scarlet woman’ is generally not meant as a compliment!

As red is warming it can be used where there is coldness, whether physical or emotional in nature. Because of its strength most people find red easier to use as a feature color. A completely red room conjures up the description of Cruella de Vil’s dining room with its stifling heat from Dodie Smith’s 101 Dalmatians to my mind! Red used as a feature wall or in cushions, curtains, rugs or bedding can be stimulating without being overpowering. Similarly red can be a bit strong for many people to wear top to toe, but some red accessories are easier to cope with. My color advice for people with cold extremities is to wear red socks and gloves.

Red gives us ‘get up and go’ and lust for life. If there has been listlessness or low energy then red is a good choice. You can eat red foods to increase your vitality and passion for living. Many juicy berry fruits are red, such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and redcurrants. You could of course go down the route of red wine and rare steaks, just don’t overdo these!

We carry the vibration of red in our life blood. Red can also be used to indicate danger. If we ignore red stop signs we could literally lose our life blood as an immediate consequence. This shows us the survival nature of red and its vital importance to our physical existence. Anaemia is caused by a lack of iron in the blood, yet often the problem isn’t lack of iron in the diet, but its absorption. Working with red may help the body utilise iron. 

Excessive red behaviour can manifest as loudness, boasting or even aggression. Red is not a good color choice if someone can’t relax, feels stressed, has anger issues, irritability, or has high blood pressure or a heart condition. It would be safer to use pink, which still contains red but is transformed into something gentler by the presence of white.

Red crystals include ruby, garnet and red jasper. Hematite may also be classed as red in its action as it is iron rich and oxidises red. All of these stones are stimulating and supportive of physical vitality. They are usually excellent choices for strengthening the base chakra and you can carry or wear red crystals to boost your energy levels.

Divine Guidance for those Awakening Now

This is a channelled message for those who are undergoing a spiritual awakening. I hope you find it helps:

Be at peace and know that I AM. I AM within you as I AM within ALL. My energy flows through every insect, every organism, every Being in the World and ALL is WELL. 

Through your narrow perspective you perceive strife, business as usual on Planet Earth, yet underneath it all lies perfection and an unfolding of my energy. Nothing is ever truly destroyed, only transmuted into other forms. The energy is still there enduring. 

When people do what you see as wrong they are following their ego mind. It is part of the learning process like falling down countless times as you learn to walk. Some humans take longer than others to let go of their ego mind and trust their inner spirit, the Divine force of Light within them as within everyone. Can you see how the process unfolds over many lifetimes? You must make errors to find the way.

The perfect template is always there if you go within, but first you try to focus outwards and change the world without changing yourselves. This is futile and doomed to failure in the long term.

Think of a baker baking bread. First he must prove the dough. Only when it is risen can he bake it. Changing the outer before working on the inner is like trying to bake unproven dough. The results are unsatisfactory and fall flat. It is too dense; the creations lack space and Light in their matrix. 

Read the rest of the guidance here