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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

What is a Healing Crisis?

My latest article for Bellaonline is about the nature of a healing crisis:
In an ideal world we would go for a healing and feel wonderful immediately afterwards. Unfortunately there is sometimes a clearing out phase after healing that may feel quite unpleasant for a day or two. This is commonly called a healing crisis.

An analogy that is sometimes used to explain a healing crisis is to imagine a pond. The water can look fairly clear on the surface, but you can see lots of junk that has collected on the bottom of the pond which is polluting the water. You want to clear it out so you start hauling out old boots and cans, but as you do so the quality of the water muddies and the pond temporarily looks awful. You know that if you let the water settle back down it will clear naturally in a day or two and will be clearer than before.

Healers can sometimes haul out the ‘old boots’ from your energy system, but in the process your energy gets stirred up and you can feel murky just like the pond. It can take a little while for your energy to settle back down again during which time you may notice diverse symptoms which are due to the energetic detoxification process.

Here are some of common symptoms of a healing crisis:
Feeling cold and shivery
Loose and/or smelly bowel movements
Frequent need to urinate
Smelly flatulence
Flu like symptoms
Feeling very tired
Generally feeling ‘under the weather’
If you suffer symptoms like these immediately after a healing or on the next day then you are probably experiencing a healing crisis. Don’t panic as these phenomena should improve by themselves within 24-48 hours. You would normally be best advised to rest as much as possible, stay warm and drink water to help flush the old energies out of your system. You may also help things along by taking a cleansing bath or shower. Your therapist will usually be interested in these symptoms, so let them know what is happening.

If you are concerned about your symptoms at any time do consult a physician and get a medical check up. It is possible to develop an illness that just happens to coincide with a healing you had. It wouldn’t be very therapeutic to confuse the onset of appendicitis with a healing crisis for example!

Read the rest of my article here