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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

Advertising Standards for Therapists

It is a good time for those therapists amongst you to trawl through your websites and other publicity and check you aren't contravening the tighter regulations on advertising.
My understanding is that claiming you can help with any specific medical ailment is now disallowed unless you have scientific proof. 
As science is as yet to measure subtle energies such as we use in crystal therapy & there is very little funding for this kind of scientific research it is unlikely we could prove our efficacy to the level they demand.
There are some very narrow minded individuals with a 'therapy bashing' mentality out there & someone has made a piece of free downloadable software that trawls sites looking for key words and then reports the 'offenders' direct to the ASA. The ASA has apparently been bombarded. Here is the result of what has been happening with Homeopathy, which we must remember is relatively mainstream!
So remember to use such vague terms as 'bringing your subtle energies into balance' and 'harmonising subtle energy flow'. We must hope & trust that the people who are suffering & whom we can help will still visit us!