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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

The Weird Lauren D'Silva

Every now and again I take a look at the search terms people have used to access my site. It is always quite interesting to do this, but yesterday evening's search took first prize. Someone used 'weird Lauren D'Silva' as their search. Presumably they didn't want their search to come up with any of the 'normal' Lauren D'Silva's.
It made me think about how we are viewed by others. I don't think of myself as particularly strange, the things people might view as strange about me are normal everyday parts of my life. Steve suggested looking up 'weird' in a dictionary:
'Weird: connected with fate (1) the Fates (2) witches; supernatural, uncanny, unearthly'
Suddenly 'weird' seems a big compliment rather than it's colloquial use as 'odd' or 'eccentric'.
I am reminded of Clarissa Pinkola Este's work surrounding the Medial Woman, she who stands between two worlds. I do know that I fail to fit into the Over-culture's neat boxes of what is acceptable or normal, indeed from that perspective I am 'weird'.
For all those out there who feel like they are 'weird' I cast a vote for our own special tribe. There are so many of us all around the world and we are connected by our nature, even if we never meet in the physical world.
Never feel alone in your difference from the masses, you are not the only 'weird' one.