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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

September 2010

Finder Guides

Still reading Sonia's Ask Your Guides I came across her piece on what she calls 'runners' and I call 'finders'. These are brilliant practical guides that really like to help you out if you'll let them. Mine are just superb & I love them. They don't speak, but they manage to take me to what I am looking for as soon as I ask for help. I've lost count of how many times they've helped me, often after I've been through the rigmorole of looking frantically first. I have to stop, surrender the part of me that was consciously looking and hand the problem over to them. They guide me to walk to the right place and somehow get me to put my hand on directly on the item. It is strange in that I don't feel 'taken over', it is all gentle and supportive.
My finders were helping us yesterday. Steve had been looking for his favourite CD of George Thorogood and the Destroyers for months and had given up & found a replacement on Amazon which he was about to order. He gestured to our CD shelf (not a massive collection) which he had been combing through again yesterday morning. As he stood there my hand went out and landed straight on the errant CD without even looking at the titles. It's the first time he's witnessed these guides in action and he was speechless (but grateful)!

Bargain Hunter guides

I picked up Sonia Choquette's 'Ask Your Guides' as a little light reading the other day. I like her easy going style that still contains a lot of wisdom. I was reminded that we don't always need to have huge issues to ask for help and that you can ask to be assisted in life whenever you want. I had a number of things to sort out on the practical financial front, so I asked if there was a helper that was willing to guide me to the right people and places to get the best deals. A 'spiritual bargain hunter'.
My mobile phone contract was nearly up, my contract phone had broken about six months ago & I bought a very cheap phone to see me through the remaining months. Unfortunately the cheap phone wasn't nearly as easy for me to use as the previous phone and every text was a painstaking endeavour. I wanted to see what my mobile phone company could offer me now. I called them, imagining I'd have to bargain & sound like I was close to leaving. Funnily enough I was put through to another 'Lauren' who was very nice (all Lauren's seem to be, but perhaps I'm biased!) Immediately she offered me a very nice new phone for no extra cost and slashed my monthly payments by more than half- in fact my monthly payments are now half the minimum amount advertised on the site and include unlimited texts & free minutes! I hadn't expected that one- thank you to my bargain hunter guide for being swift to my assistance!

Lake District Fun and Games

I'm just back from a lovely short stay with my family in the Lakes. The highlight was our beach trip with my kids and their cousins. We found an old fish crate that first became a mammoth sandcastle mould, needing two adults to turn it over & creating an impressive castle once decorated with feathers and other flotsum and jetsum. The boys then tried to plug the holes in the bottom with sand to make themselves a boat- which sank immediately of course. Steve was prevailed upon to whittle plugs instead and the crate floated- through not for long with my son in it! My littlest niece fitted in it perfectly and was carefully taken out on the waves shrieking with laughter all the way by my sister. It just goes to show that you can spend lots of money on expensive toys when sometimes the best are found items and a healthy dose of imagination!