Touchstones Therapies - Spiritual Support in a Changing World
Spiritual Development Days
All of the tuition listed below can be booked in Mid Wales by individuals and small groups. These days are priced at £100 per person where three or more are attending. My private one to one tuition rate is £250 per day, or share your day with a friend for £150 each.

Past Lives Day
Light behind the angelsLight behind the Angels describes my own past life healing journey. Through a process of exploring and releasing old issues I made huge progress on my spiritual path. On this taster day we will look at how your past lives can have an impact on your life now. I can be booked for individual regression therapy sessions to support your past life work at additional cost.
Please note you must be in a well balanced emotional and mental state to attend workshops on Past Lives.

Colour Healing Day
Rainbow light - colour therapy Colour fundamentally influences our moods and our health. We will be using a range of simple and accessible colour healing tools, including flowers, mandalas, clothes,  silks and essences to help bring balance to your life.

Winged Enchantment - Let your spirit soar!
Healing with Bird Energies 
Experience the liberating energies of the bird kingdom. This course is for those ready to take a personal journey for profound healing, insight and transformation. Since ancient times birds have been recognised as a connection to the realms of Spirit and seen as messengers of the Divine. On this enlightening day you will begin to explore the personal healing potential of the bird kingdom. You’ll connect with your winged allies and receive guidance for deepening this connection on your spiritual journey through life.