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Past Life Regression

The roots of your issues may lie in your past, sometimes in this lifetime, but it is not uncommon for the problem to stem from a past life experience. I have been leading clients into their past lives to find the key to releasing their problems for over 15 years. I do not channel the life on your behalf, you explore it for yourself in a state of deep relaxation. You will potentially be engaging with a profound healing process that can occur on the deepest level of your soul.

passage to heaven
Light behind the Angels, a past life Autobiography by Lauren D'SilvaWe are in a time of transformation on the Planet and are being offered a unique opportunity to clear our baggage so that we can stand in our power. Working through and releasing the accumulated blocks from our past lives can free us in the present. In addition many of us are awakening to our own potential and are ready to reclaim the wisdom and skills we accumulated in other lives and bring them through to this lifetime for the service of others.
Expect regression sessions to last at least an hour and a half and allow for two hours when you book. 

My own transformative past life journey can be read in my book

Thank you for guiding me. This is the only work in 45 years that has truly shifted me and I am looking forward to becoming the full part of me and not just the pieces.
Rhiannon, USA

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