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Lauren D'Silva BA (Jt Hons), PGCE, Principal TSCT
Lauren D'Silva Crystal Healer, Teacher, Author of Touchstones ManualI am an experienced healer, teacher and writer offering crystal therapy, colour therapy, gem essences, channelled healing, hypnosis and spiritual guidance. I'm based in Mid Wales but I work with clients worldwide. 

Transformation, personal empowerment and spiritual development are the hallmarks of my healing and teaching style. I want to help you discover your strengths and find your best self.

Please note there is often a wait time before I can fit you in, so don't leave asking for help until the last minute!

Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy
As Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy  I teach in Mid Wales and Glastonbury. 

I'm a fully qualified  teacher with almost thirty years of teaching experience, I taught English, Drama and Health Education in Secondary Schools, before specialising in Health Education and leading the Healthy Schools Programme for Leicestershire, providing training and support for teachers. 

When I moved to Wales I left the mainstream world of Education behind to focus on my work as a Crystal Therapist. I have taught Crystal Therapy to Diploma level for the last fifteen years. I cater for all levels of experience and expertise, providing for the complete novice right up to those who have already completed a therapy qualification and are looking for professional development, additional skills and techniques. 

I am proud to be the current Chair of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO). We set and promote high standards for teaching Crystal Therapy in the UK. We also maintain a Practitioner Register for Crystal Therapists who hold ACHO recognised qualifications. 

touchstones manual cover
Touchstones Foundations for the Crystal Healer is the accompaniment to the Foundation course. It is published in full colour and spiral bound for the use of Touchstones students. 

Touchstones Delving Deeper into Crystal Healing is the Manual which accompanies the Certificate level course. It is also spiral bound and full colour for Touchstones students.

My Little Touchstones Cards provide a 'quick pick' to give you crystal guidance for your day. Supplied in a pouch of 100 different cards. Each card carries the energy of the crystal, its name, a keyword and an affirmation. Keep one in your purse, stick it to your dashboard or on a mirror to remind you of the message.

Light behind the Angels a Past Life Autobiography by Lauren D'Silva

My first book, Light behind the Angels, exploring my own past life journey, was published in 2010 and was nominated for the People's Book Prize. Past life regression has long been one of my particular interests as this rewarding work has such transformational potential, however I wasn't expecting such an epic past life story to emerge spontaneously in my own life. The revelations have been far reaching and are still unfolding. 

I am a fully initiated High Priestess and I'm available to officiate at Handfastings and other Rites of Passage.

Stephen Deeks-D'Silva, Co-Tutor at Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy

Steve Deeks-D'Silva

My husband, Steve Deeks-D'Silva, is a trained Crystal Therapist and an experienced Shaman. He is adept at observing subtle energies. Steve specialises in the removal of stuck and unhelpful energies from people and places and can work with you wherever you are in the world. Visit his Entity Removal site.