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Lauren D'Silva's Blog

teaching healing

Crystal Mandalas

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the first of my Crystal Masterclasses. Our focus was on crystal mandalas and medicine wheels. This course is for those who have already completed their two year crystal healing diploma and want to explore more ideas for using their crystals for their own self development and for healing others. We made a very satifying group mandala and a medicine wheel out in the hills.
Here is a mandala I made for myself last week to help me adjust to my daughter leaving home for university.
Crystal mandala - fresh growth
It was therapeutic to create and when we each analysed our mandalas in the group it got some very positive feedback:
peace, serenity, balance, intuition
like a flower or eye opening
love, compassion, growth, grounding, Mother Earth energy, brightness, shining light coming from within, nurturing
unlimited boundaries, expansion, grounding, solid foundation on which to build, core of light
growth, clarity, stability, enlightenment and richness in life
What was interesting is that we didn't compare feedback comments until the end of the exercise, writing our comments and moving on to the next mandala and yet the themes were quite clearly emerging for each one.
My daughter is having a fab time away, much better than she expected!

Welcome to my blog

I've been considering adding a blog to my site for a while and since publication of Light behind the Angels people have wanted to share their own experiences and ask questions. This seems like a good place to do it!
It has been a very busy week. Last weekend Steve and I conducted a handfasting for the daughter of a dear friend. In the ceremony we had asked for the blessings of water and mentioned the soft cleansing rain, so we couldn't really complain when it did just that! Our friend had baked magical cakes, including one with beetroot in called 'Red Velvet' for wisdom- I ate plenty of that to make sure- she should go into business as they were wonderful.
I've been teaching ever since. Colour healing on Sunday which was fun and yes...colourful, plus an Intensive Crystal Diploma course all this week for two friends who are just starting out on their crystal path. This weekend I have a second year diploma group arriving and our focus is Past Lives, which I always enjoy teaching. Told you I'd been busy!
So if you'd like to comment on my book, ask questions about any of my teaching and healing, or share some of your own experiences, please do join us. Any posts are screened first as I want this blog to be a safe and nurturing place of respectful sharing, so any name calling or otherwise inappropriate posts will not be shared.