Touchstones Therapies - Spiritual Support in a Changing World
Touchstones RetreatsLed by Lauren D'Silva and Steve Deeks-D'Silva 

What can you expect to find on Touchstones Retreats? 
A Chance to be in Nature
retreat 010 avatarContemplation
Meditation and Visualisations
Healing Journeys and Techniques
Laughter and Friendship

Here is some of the feedback from our Meeting Your Self Retreat participants:

"An amazing re-treat. In 70 hours I experienced care, nurturing, nourishment, laughter so much laughter, truths, spiritual advice, healing, oppertunity to journey deeply within my emotions, learning, personal growth, insights, evaluation, compassion, companionship, nature, colour,vibration, comfort, crystal, energy, support, shared emotions & love. Lauren a beautiful crystal healing soul. Steve a wizard & true star.. Bless you all." Quentin

'Absolutely fantastic, the best company and the most relaxing and empowering time was had. How can you improve on a perfect weekend?' Lorraine

Which was the most useful or enjoyable part of the Retreat?
'The beginning, the middle and the end.'
What was your overall impression of the weekend?
'Out of this world!' Helen